Massage therapy, healing and counselling based on a blend of ancient knowledge and modern psychology.

Anna practices in central London and Biddenden, Kent UK. For consultation and appointments, contact her on +44 (0)781 806 1605



At Hand Magic Healing ™ in beautiful surroundings in the English county of Kent Anna Parkinson offers massage, healing and counselling that will give you the tools to

  • Understand your body
  • Clear physical and emotional blocks that stop you achieving what you want.
  • Enrich your life and enjoy it more every day.

 A brief history of Huna

The word 'huna' comes from Hawaii. It means 'the secret' because it embodies the teachings of the traditional Hawaiian spiritual guides and shamen who were outlawed by the Christian church for a long time. These traditional doctors were called 'kahuna' or keepers of the secret, appropriately enough.

At the beginning of the 20th Cent. American researchers, impressed by the extraordinary abilities of the 'kahuna', who could walk on hot lava without burning their feet and instantly mend or regrow bones, began to explore the nature of their secret, or 'huna.'

Most of the work was done by Max Freedom-Long. This American devoted his life to understanding Hawaiian healing and making connections between their knowledge and other important spiritual teaching worldwide. See the links page for books by Max Freedom Long.

Huna practice has undergone a renaissance in Hawaii and the USA and it is increasingly popular worldwide.

The chief elements of huna healing are

  • healing through spiritual understanding,
  • use of the healing powers of plants
  • massage or lomilomi

"There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.' Buddha