What people say about Hand Magic Healing

This is a selection of unsolicited comments from clients: 'Holistic is such an overused word nowadays, but the lomi lomi massage, under the magical hands of Anna Parkinson, is truly holistic. What a privilege to be able to benefit?from her knowledge and healing hands.'?(Wealden Times after lomi lomi massage)? 'It's heaven -?like being washed by the waves of a warm sea!' (woman, 83, lomi lomi massage) 'One of the most profound experiences I've had.' (woman, 32, healing) ? 'I was very moved by the experience and quite amazed at the power of it...I have felt a change, a sort of wind of energy flowing through me' (man, 54, healing) 'my last visit to you has been monumentally successful.'? (woman,45, healing) 'Having returned for several lomilomi sessions with Anna it is now difficult to imagine feeling fulfilled without one. The experience is almost addictive as it provides a sense of immense physical and mental wellbeing and Anna seems to impart energy that recharges all the body's batteries at once.' (man, 64, lomilomi massage) ?'I feel a lot better about everything now and much calmer.'? (woman, 29, lomi lomi massage with healing) ?'I have bounced back into the house feeling 100 times better' (man, 49, lomi lomi massage) ?'It's a real joy to feel energetic and positive again' (woman, 52, lomi lomi massage with healing) ?'I feel great, hugely comfortable, empowered and happy, so many many thanks.' (woman, 51, healing)